Prof: Gallouj Ali
How to start a conversation
Jalal: Excuse me, is this seat free?
Amine: Yes, of course have a seat.
Jalal :Thank you , I’m very grateful
Amine: Do not mention it/ that’s ok / it does not matter / no problem.
Jalal : It’s fine today
Amine: Pardon !
Jalal : It’s fine today
Amine: Yes, the weather is fine let’s have a walk
Jalal : ok. Why not
Amine: What are you reading? Is this book interesting?
Jalal : Yes, it is. It is about the American civilization.
Amine: Ah, yes !
Jalal : Do you like reading?
Amine: Of course I enjoy reading books.
Jalal : Please can you tell me the name of this street?
Amine: It called the King street
Jalal : Do you live here?
Amine: No, I live far from here. Are you a tourist?
Jalal : Yes, I am.
Amine: Where are you from?
Jalal: I am from Morocco
Amine: So, you speak Arabic
Jalal: Yes, and you ?
Amine: I speak just a little
Jalal: Please , can you help me?
Amine: Yes, I am at your disposal
Jalal: I want to go to super-market
Amine: Come with me
Jalal: Thank you
Amine: You are welcome
*Asking for information:
Ahmed: Excuse me , sir. Where is the town centre?
Ali: Have you got a car?
Ahmed: No, I haven’t
Ali: Turn on  the left then go straight ahead till the end of the street.
Ahmed: All right, Can you tell me where I can find a good hotel?
Ali: At the end of this street there are two nice hotels. One is expensive and the other is cheap.
Ahmed: Thanks, I hope to find a suitable room.
Ali: Please, I want to take the train. Where is the railway station?
Ahmed: Turn on the right then on the left , the railway is in front of you.
*At the police station:
Samir: Please ,sir. Someone stole my car .Where is the police commissariat, or any near police station?
Karim:The second street on your right.
Samir: Thank you ,Sir.
Samir: Sir, I have come with a complaint someone has stolen my car
Policeman: Where was that?
Samir: In front of my house N 40, France street.
Policeman: Did you lock the doors when you went off the car ?
Samir: Yes
Policeman: What is its colour and Its number?
Samir: Blue. M12071
Policeman: Well, fill in this paper
Samir: Thank you.