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    Conversation in Restaurant and in The Store


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    Conversation in Restaurant and in The Store

    Post  gallouj on Wed Feb 18, 2015 5:27 pm

    Prof: Gallouj Ali

    In the restaurant

    Karim: This looks a nice restaurant. Is this a new restaurant?
    waiter: Yes, it is. You are welcome Sir. Have a seat.
    Karim: Thank you. Can you pass me the menu, please !
    Waiter: of course Sir, here it is.
    Karim: Thanks
    Waiter: What do you want to eat?
    Karim: I’m going to have a tagine of meat with vegetables and fry potatoes.
    Waiter: OK Sir. What do you want to drink?
    Karim: I would like to drink cola and a small bottle of water please.
    Waiter: With pleasure Sir. I will serve you soon. (after a moment) Here is your request Sir.
    Karim: Thank you so much.
    Waiter: It’s my duty. Have a nice meal
    Karim: Oh ! it’s a delicious tagine .
    Waiter: nice to hear that.
    Karim: I hope that I will come back soon to eat another tagine .
    Waiter : you are welcome at any time Sir.

    In the store:

    Customer: Hi
    The owner: Hi, You are welcome.
    Customer: Thank you.
    The owner: What do you want to buy?
    Customer: Let me have a look first.
    The owner: Sure. Take your time.
    Customer: Thanks. (After a moment) I would like to see that trainers, please !
    The owner: which ones?
    Customer: The black ones.
    The owner: Ok. Here they are.
    Customer: thank you. But tell me the price first please!
    The owner: No problem. Just try them.
    Customer: Oh! That’s great. They fit me. So, how they cost?
    The owner: They are only 500 dirhams.
    Customer: Ow ! They are very expensive. Can you reduce the price, please!
    The owner: Ok, you can pay 400 dirhams as the last price and I can’t reduce more than that.
    Customer: Oh my God! But I have only 350 dirhams. Either you accept it or I leave.
    The owner: Ok. No problem because I have no choice. You can take them.
    Customer: Thank you. I like them so much.

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