Prof: Gallouj Ali        Questions  
Excuse me, Can I ask you?                        Are you a student?
What do you need?                                     Are you Ali?
What is your name?                                      Are you Muslim?
What do you want?                             Are you a male or female?
What do you do in your life?                      Are you a teacher?
 What is your hobby?                                  Are you fine?
What is your favourite subject?                         Are you happy?
What is going on?                                      Are you sick?
What happens?                                           Are you crazy?
What is this?                                            Are you lazy?
What are you doing there?                               Are you busy?
What do you mean by …?                                  Do you know me? 
What do you learn?                                Do you understand?
What do you say?                                   Do you live in Tangier? 
What language do you speak?                     Do you speak English?
Who are you?                                   Do you love music?                        
Who is your friend?                                        Do you like this colour?
Who is your father?                                         Do you live here?
Who is your favourite footballer?                           Do you know this word?
Who is your favourite actor?                                      Do you love me?
Who is your favourite singer?                                  Do you like this picture?
How old are you?                                              Which colour do you prefer?
How is your father?                                          Which page is that?
How is your study?                                           Which cinema do you like?
How are you?                                                        Which team do you like?
How old are you?                                             Which music do you like most?
How is your work?                                            Which Ali do you are talking about?
Why do you ask me?                                            Where are you now?
Why do you do this?                                            Where are you from?
Why you do not want to understand?                          Where is my pen?
Why do you choose this way?                                Where is your teacher?
Why do like this thing exactly?                             Where is your home?
Why do you prefer me?                                         Where is my book?
Why do you learn English?                                    Where do you live?            
Where do you study?                                           Where do you learn English?
Where do you play?                                         Where is he?
When do you want to come?                                When did you study Arabic?                 
When do you want to travel?                            When do you play football?
When does that film start?                              When did you live here?
When does English lesson start?                         Do you have any question?