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    How to give up smoking


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    How to give up smoking

    Post  gallouj on Wed Feb 18, 2015 4:16 am

    Prof:Gallouj Ali                                       How to give up smoking
        Smoking has become a widespread phenomenon among people. A lot of people die every year because of this bad habit. So, to give up smoking there are many solutions three of which are important; doing sport, being aware of the consequences of smoking as well as keeping away from other smokers. These solutions contribute to make smokers end up smoking.

            Initially, sport is a good habit which can help smokers stop smoking .by doing sport , smokers can develop a good health and therefore can neglect smoking .for example , if a smoker practices sport regularly he would discover that sport is a good activity while smoking is a mortal habit. Thus, sport is considered to be vital habit which can help smokers give up smoking.

         Subsequently, smokers should be aware of the mortal diseases that can be caused by smoking. For example, they have to read about smoking and watch some channels which are against smoking in order to find out the bad results of this habit. So, being aware of the smoking diseases, smokers would be afraid of smoking and would gradually stop it.

          Finally, smokers have to avoid sitting with other smokers. Because by doing this ,they can develop the habit of smoking .For instance, if a smoker decided to give up smoking and he still sits with other addicted smokers he would come back to smoke again .As a result ,smokers would forget smoking and start building a new good health that is very simply by keeping away from other smokers .

            As a conclusion, smoking is really a mortal habit because of its effects. Thus, any smoker can end up smoking by practicing sport regularly, knowing or being aware of the consequences of smoking and keeping away from other smokers.

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