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    Post  gallouj on Wed Feb 18, 2015 4:13 am

    Prof: Gallouj Ali Friendship
    Friendship has lost its sacred qualities that it had in the past. It often does not last between people for a long time. Its deterioration goes back to many reasons. There are three striking reasons of this phenomenon. The lack of confidence between friends, the belief in personal interests and the change of personal moods.
    The lack of confidence between friends plays an important role in contributing the deterioration of friendship. Confidence and understanding of friends make their relationship acquire sacred qualities and therefore last for a long time. Thus, friendship easily collapses when confidence is absent. For example, a person does not confide in his friend and does not tell his secrets. As a result, friendship will not take its normal path. Consequently, confidence is a crucial building block for continuity of friendship.
    The belief in personal interests of friends leads to deterioration. The person who bases his friendship with another just because he will get some personal benefits from him will just contribute to stop their friendship. For friendship to last, friends should be helpful and avoid exploiting each other. A good friend is the one who stands by his friend in all cases of life as the proverb states: A friend indeed is a friend in need. Unfortunately, the friendship of nowadays seems to violate this proverb and friends have just to take advantages of their friendships for some personal interests. Thus, the selfishness lasts for personal interests has made real friendship very rare.
    The change of personal mood also contributes to the collapse of friendship .Nowadays, life based more on material things than on human traits. This affects the friends’ mood and therefore their friendship in a negative way. In addition, the changes of friends’ values and thoughts make their understanding diverge Therefore, moods result in the deterioration of sacred qualities of friendship.
    To conclude, friendship is a sacred bond that ties friends to each other for a long time. But, unfortunately, the factors discussed above hinder the success of friendship and the existence of real human values.

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