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    Soufiane and the Foreigner


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    Soufiane and the Foreigner

    Post  gallouj on Sun Mar 20, 2016 2:33 am

    Prof: Gallouj Ali
    Soufiane: Hi , how are you?, What is your name? How old are you? Where are you from?
    Foreigner: Hi, I’m fine thanks. I’m jack. I’m 30. I’m from New York. What about you?
    Soufiane: I’m fine too. I’m Soufiane and I’m 25. I’m from Morocco, I live here in Tangier.
    Foreigner: that’s good. Nice to meet you, Soufiane.
    Soufiane: Thank you so much. Nice to meet you too. What is your job?
    Foreigner: I’m a teacher, I teach English language in high school.
    Soufiane: Oh! That’s great. So, Why do you come to Morocco?
    Foreigner: I come to Morocco as a tourist. I wanted to visit Morocco. So I choose Tangier as a good Moroccan city.
    Soufiane: Good. Nice to hear that. Do you like Tangier city?
    Foreigner: Yes, I like Tangier very much especially its people. They are generous and nice.
    Soufiane: yes, they are . You are welcome Mr jack. Tangier is really a cosmopolitan city. It contains people from different nationalities and races.
    Foreigner: Yes, that’s true. And this is the reason that makes me choose to visit Tangier city.
    Soufiane: well. Which country is the best, Morocco or your country ?
    Foreigner: I can’t distinguish between them . Because I have many friends here in Morocco and I visited a lot of cities which are famous like Marrakech , Essaidia , Ifran , Agadir and so on. New York is my beloved city because I have a family there , my wife and my two sons ect. I spent all my life in New York. So, they are both nice and good countries, I mean America and Morocco. What about you?
    Soufiane: You are right. I agree with you. The same for me I can’t say Morocco is better than America. My Dream is to be in New York one day. I hope I will visit it soon if God wills. I hear many people say that it is a big city. This makes me eager to discover its people and its nice monuments, and the whole city.
    Foreigner: I wish you good luck man. Surely one day you will be in New York. Because I was thinking of being in Morocco as a dream and now it becomes true. I hope that you will achieve your dream as well.
    Soufiane: that is true. Thank you very much. I’m thinking to continue my study there in New York. Are you going to visit Tangier next year?
    Foreigner: You are welcome. No, I’m thinking to visit Paris next year because the majority of my friends visit it and I prefer to visit Tangier this year.

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