Prof: Gallouj Ali
Ayoub: Good evening
Imane: Good evening
Ayoub: How are you?
Imane:  I’m fine, thank you. And you?
Ayoub: I’m good. Thanks.
Imane: What is your name?
Ayoub: I’m Ayoub and you?
Imane: I’m Imane. And where are you from?
Ayoub: I’m from Morocco, I live in Tangier. What about you?
Imane: I’m from Morocco too, but I live in Agadir.
Ayoub: That’s good! Agadir is a nice city.
Imane: yes, it is. Tangier is a nice city too.
Ayoub: Nice to meet you Imane.
Imane: thank you, nice to meet you too
Ayoub: How old are you?
Imane: I’m 18. What about you?
Ayoub: I’m 19. What do you do in your life?
Imane: I’m a student. What is your job?
Ayoub: I’m a student too, which level do you have this year?
Imane: I study in the first year of BAC, and you?
Ayoub: well, me too. I wish you good luck
Imane: Thank you, I wish you the same.
Ayoub: How is Agadir today?
Imane: It is sunny today. What about there in Tangier?
Ayoub: It is hot. The most of people go to the sea to swim.
Imane: Oh! great ,The same thing here. I like to swim too
Ayoub: me too, I enjoy swimming, and it’s my hobby.
Imane: Good, I think I have to go now. We will talk later.
Ayoub: Ok. Thank you very much. Surely, we will if God wills.
Imane: Take care of yourself. Bye bye for now
Ayoub: Thanks, You too. Goodbye