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    Capitalization Rules


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    Capitalization Rules

    Post  gallouj on Wed Feb 18, 2015 4:08 pm

    Teacher: Gallouj Ali


    *Capitalization rules:

    Capitalization is the writing of a word with the first letter as upper (A,B, C, D,...) and the rest of the word as lower (a,b,c,d,...)

    *Capitalize the first word in a sentence.

    ·  They arrived late. They had dinner and went to sleep.

    *The first word in a quote.

    ·  He said, "You are fantastic."

    *Capitalize " I ".

    ·  I'm very sorry for being late. I missed the bus.

    *Capitalize proper nouns.

    ·  George was furious when he heard the bad news from Alice.

    *Capitalize names of rivers, mountains.

    ·  The Nile River is in Egypt.    The highest mountain in the world is Mount Everest.

    ·  *The official title of a person, the initials in someone's name are capitalized: Dr. Lynch.

    ·  D. H. Lawrence is a wonderful novelist.

    *Days of the week, months of the year, holidays are capitalized.

    ·  We went to Paris on Monday and came back on Saturday.

    ·  The Independence Day is in July not January.

    *Capitalize countries, cities, languages, nationalities.

    ·  New York is more exciting than Seattle.

    ·  He lives in London, but he's not English. He's Nigerian.

    ·  He speaks English, Chinese and Japanese.

    *The first word in each line of a poem.

    Rewrite the following sentences correctly.

    1. i met john at the post office

     2. susan is an old friend of mine

     3. chinese is difficult to learn

     4. miss sophia is my teacher

     5. who was the first woman to win the nobel prize for literature

     6. he rules his family with a rod of iron

     7. the flowers were like a carpet of gold

     8. neither james nor virginia was at home

     9. the film was neither well-made nor well-acted

    10. i didn’t sing because pamela was there.

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