Teacher: Gallouj Ali
*Full stop (.): it is used to end a sentence .
She is happy.
*Question marks (?) : Question marks are used at the end of direct questions:
Where do you live?    Are you crazy?    Do you speak English?
* Exclamation marks (!): Used to indicate strong emotions:
She's so beautiful!   Oh! It's good.   How interesting!   What a nice girl!
*Commas (,)
I like spaghetti, fish, pizza and couscous.
Commas are also used between adjectives or adverbs:
I'd like to have a big, black, German car.
After the street address and city in an address:
34 Hassan II Street, Tangier, Morocco.
Before or after direct speech:
He said,"I hate being treated like that."
"I'm sorry", she replied.
Before a coordinating conjunction (for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so)
He woke up late, so he had to drive to work.
*Semicolons (Wink are used to separate sentences:
They woke up early; then they went to play football.
-Use a semicolon to separate items in a series
They visited the Eiffel Tower, Paris; Big Ben, London; and the statue of liberty, New York
*Colons (Smile : Use a colon to introduce a list:
He visited three cities last summer holiday: Madrid, Roma and Athena.
-To introduce an idea or an explanation: He had one idea in mind: to see her as soon as possible.
-To introduce direct speech or a quotation: The secretary whispered in his ear: "Your wife is on the phone. "
*Dashes (--) : To introduce parenthetical information: I put on a blue jacket --the one my mother bought me-- and blue jeans.
*Apostrophes (') : + Short form of verb:
I am = I'm.  We are= we're.   It is = It's. I have= I’ve. I would= I'd.     Who is= who's. Do not= don’t    will not = wont
*Possession: Omar's car is green= The car of Omar is green.
The company's policy is strict= The policy of company is strict.
The manager’s office = the office of the manager.
* If a plural nouns don't end by s we add 's: men= men's car   Children= children's books.
*Quotation marks (""): used to quote speech, sentences or words: She said, "I love you."
Correct the following sentences
1.    I went swimming with my friends today
2.    I can't wait until christmas!
3.    I play the guitar and drums and flute.
4.    Today I met my friend Matt at the mall
5.    When I gave my sister a present, she said thank you!
6.    My best friend Tyler loves wolves.
7.    When I grow up I want to be a journalist.
8.    my friend caroline is in the same class as me
9.    What's your name
10.  Today, I saw an adorable and brown dog
11.  Watch out, you almost hit me
12.  Why is the grass green and the sky blue