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    For Beginners

    Post  gallouj on Wed Feb 18, 2015 4:00 pm

    Prof: Gallouj Ali
    *In my classroom= في قسمي:School- director- teacher- student- blackboard- desk- classroom- door- window- table- chair- bag- pen-ruler- pencil-arc ruler- pencil case- eraser-chalk-rubber-computer- poster – picture-Sit down-stand up-read-listen-write- ask-answer- quiet-stop-point-open your book- close the door- come in- go out-turn a page- look- please- yes- no- do you understand? - Do you know this word? - Why?- what is …..?- What does it mean?
    *Family: grandmother- grandfather- mother- father-son- daughter-sister- brother- uncle- aunt- grandson- granddaughter- nephew- niece.
    *Colours: white- black-red- yellow-grey-green-orange- rose-blue- purple- brown-golden- silver- maroon
    *Vegetables and  Fruits: -Apple-orange-strawberry-watermelon- pear-pineapple-banana- avocado- kiwi- mango- apricot- fig- mulberry-pomegranate-grapes- tomatoes-carrot- onion- garlic-cucumber-potatoes-eggplant-cauliflower -pumpkin.
    *Jobs/ Professions: King- president- minister- doctor-engineer- teacher- director-student- baker- mason-guard-lawyer-painter-driver-barber=hairdresser - carpenter- cobbler- merchant-journalist- writer- tailor-photography-musician-singer-grocer-chemist-pilot-player-laborer-policeman -soldier-actor-cook-fisherman-dentist-nurse -gardener-fireman.
    *Clothes:Short-boots-trainers-trousers-t-shirt,jacket-skirt-jeans-socks-hat=cap-slippers-shoes-headscarf - veil-dress-gloves-tie-coat- belt-sandals-pajamas- suit-shirt.
    *House: Living room- dining room- bedroom- bathroom- kitchen- garage.
    *Meals: Breakfast- Lunch- Dinner
    *Body: head- hair-ear-eye-eyebrow- nose-face-arm-mouth- hand-elbow- leg-tongue-teeth- beard- lips- neck- shoulder-chest- knee-foot- heart- blood- muscle-back- eyelashes-finger- mustache-toe.
    *Home: house- apartment- floor- door- key- wall- ceiling- roof-stairs- electricity- elevator or lift- balcony- room- corridor- furniture- chair- armchair- sofa- window- curtain- television- remote control- telephone- lamp- light- candle- carpet- broom- bedroom- bed- blanket- pillow- clock-wardrobe-drawer- clothes hanger- mirror- desk- bathroom- bath- brush- comb- bathtub- tab- towel -shampoo-  toothpaste- razor- shaving cream- make up- lipstick- eye shadow- dining room-living room- table-  table cloth- fork- spoon- knife- cup or glass- jug- bottle- fridge- washing machine- oven- frying pan.
    *Animals: Elephant- lion- Monkey- cat- cow-lamb or sheep- snake-crocodile- frog- fly- shark- dolphin- chicken-rooster-turkey- bird-butterfly-bee-scorpion-spider- donkey- horse- camel- pig- rabbit-mouse- pigeon-duck- eagle- dove-snail- torture- wolf-Zebra- giraffe- tiger-fox-ant.

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