Prof: Gallouj Ali
Nabil: Hello
Hafsa: Hi
Nabil: How are you?
Hafsa: I’m fine, thank you. What about you?
Nabil: I’m good, thanks.
Hafsa: what’s your name?
Nabil: My name is Nabil. And you?
Hafsa: I’m Hafsa.
Nabil: Nice to meet you.
Hafsa: Nice to meet you too.
Nabil: How old are you?
Hafsa: I’m 15 years old. And you?
Nabil: I’m 14.
Hafsa: Where are you from?
Nabil: I’m from Morocco, I live in Nador. What about you?
Hafsa: I’m from Morocco too, but I live in Tangier.
Nabil: are you a student?
Hafsa: Yes I’m a student in class 9. And you?
Nabil: I’m a student in class 8.
Hafsa: What are your favourite subjects?
Nabil: My favourite subjects are Math and English. What about you?
Hafsa: My favourite subjects are French and English.
Nabil: What is your favourite sport?
Hafsa: My favourite sport is playing basketball. And you?
Nabil: I prefer playing football.
Hafsa: What are your hobbies?
Nabil: My hobbies are playing football every weekend, watching television every evening and listening to music in my free time. What about you?
Hafsa: My hobbies are using the internet, swimming and drawing.
Nabila: What is your dream?
Hafsa: I want to become an engineer in the future.  What about yours?
Nabil: I want to be a teacher of English Language.
Hafsa: Good, I wish you good luck.
Nabil: Thank you so much, you too.
Hafsa: What time is it now?
Nabil: It’s 8 o’clock. Why do you ask me?
Hafsa: Because I want to take my dinner at half past eight.
Nabil: well, tell me how is the weather like there in Tangier?
Hafsa: It’s raining here. What about there in Nador?
Nabil: It’s cloudy, and I think it’s going to rain here too.
Hafsa: How many brothers and sisters do you have? And what are their names?
Nabil: I have two brothers and one sister, their names are: Salim,Said and Loubna. And you?
Hafsa: I have one brother and two sisters, their names are: Ali, Ikram and Wafae.