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    Dialogue between Karim and Bouchra


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    Dialogue between Karim and Bouchra

    Post  gallouj on Wed Feb 18, 2015 3:36 pm

    Dialogue:       Prof: Gallouj Ali

    Karim: Hi

    Bouchra: Hi

    Karim: How are you?

    Bouchra: I’m fine Thanks, what about you?

    Karim : I am good.

    Bouchra:  Who are you?

    Karim: I’m Karim. And what’s your name?

    Bouchra: my name is Bouchra.

    Karim: How old are you ?

    Bouchra: I’m 22 years old. And you?

    Karim: I’m 28 .

    Bouchra: Where are you from?

    Karim: I am from Morocco, I live in Tangier. And you?

    Bouchra: I am from Morocco too, but I live in Rabat.

    Karim : Good. What do you do in your life?

    Bouchra: I am working in one British Company. And what’s your job?

    Karim: I’m a teacher, I teach in Primary school.

    Bouchra: What language do you teach?

    Karim: I teach English Language.

    Bouchra: Oh, Great. I wish you good luck.

    Karim: Thank you so much. What’s your job exactly in that company?

    Bouchra: I am working in computability. I count workers and register their attendance.

    Karim : Ok. You speak English very well, where did you learn English?

    Bouchra: I learned English in one center for two years ago.

    Karim: Good. I find your way of speaking is good.

    Bouchra: Thank you. What is your hobby?

    Karim: In fact, I do not have only one. I have many hobbies but I prefer to play football at weekends and listen to music in my free time. I also watch television from time to time and use the internet to talk with my family and friends. What about you Bouchra?

    Bouchra: me too, I have the same hobbies. I use the internet a lot because it helps me during my work. Again, I use internet to chat with my friends and speak with my family. I also like drawing and writing short stories and poems.

    Karim: Great. What is your favourite sport?

    Bouchra: I prefer Basketball. And you?

    Karim: I, Of course, prefer football and my best footballer is Messi.

    Bouchra: me too I like Barcelone Team and I love to watch Messi when he is  playing. He is really the best player in the world. I have to go now because I hear my mother is calling me .

    Karim: Ok, Thank you so much. And nice to meet you . I am glad to speak with you. We will talk later. take care of yourself. Bye bye for now.

    Bouchra: You are welcome.Thanks . I hope we will talk more next time If God wills. Goodbye.

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